Welcome to St Helen's Tower

St Helen’s is located at 1 Undershaft and provides approx 27,500m2 of fully air-conditioned office accommodation.

St Helen’s Tower has a reinforced concrete core, 75 x 50 ft in plan, and contains lifts, staircases and services. There are two plant rooms in the tower, one at mid height and the other at the high point of the building. Each Plant room contains steel frames cantilevering from the core to support trusses and girders around the perimeter of the building. The cantilevering reaches 37ft from the core on two sides of the building and 25ft out on the other two sides.

Steel hangers within the external walls are suspended from the trusses and girders around the plant rooms and they support the other ends of the castella steel beams at each floor level. The inner ends of these beams are carried by the concrete core. Twelve office floors are supported by the hangers in the upper portion of the tower and eleven office floors. An open podium floor and mezzanine floor are suspended on the hangers in the lower half of the building.

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Building Contacts

Aviva Group PLC - Head of Real Estate Portfolio

Fiona Beale

Guest Relations Manager (Front of House & Reception Services)

Victoria Edwards

OCS - London Service Manager (Security & Cleaning)

Russell Emerson


OCS - Security Manager

Richard Dickinson

ISS (Facilities Helpdesk)

0808 101 0080

St Helen's Main Reception


St Helen's Security Control (24 / 7 Manned)



All requests to sub-let, or assign, should in the first instance be made in writing to;
Fiona Beale, Head of Real Estate Portfolio Management, AVIVA, Pitheavlis, Perth PH2 0NH

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